Paragliding & Yoga

Paragliding and Yoga, a unique combination to experience in Northern India

Have you ever thought of making a tour combining Paragliding with Yoga? Probably you see these as two extremely different activities. Yes they are indeed very different.

Paragliding is an extreme sport where you challenge yourself and play with the forces of the nature by floating around in the air. Yoga is physical exercise to open the channels in your body so the energy can flow freely staying in yourself in one place

But there are also some parallels these activities. After you have been learning from a teacher you can do both on yourself Both in Paragliding and Yoga you are really focused in yourself. You are one with the nature and atmosphere around you. Both activities you must be in full control of yourself and both will give you internal sensations.

We believe that Yoga will make your Paragliding performance better, with a more balanced mind and will give you an additional feeling enjoying the air and nature around you.



Which part of the world is a better place for Yoga than India ? And where do you find more impressive mountains and nature than in the Himalayas ? Therefor we made arrangements for our guests in this Northern part of India. We offer a 14 days tour where you stay in the heritage hotel Taragarh Palace.

You will have 1 ½ hour yoga session during 8 days in Taragarh and 10 flying days Paragliding in Bir.

Your Yoga teacher Sharanya Narayanan will do the vinyas, hatha and lyengar sessions. Sharanya is a well known and very experienced Yoga teacher.
For Paragliding you will be coached by Gurpreet Dhindsa a top teacher who himself is also a completion pilot. If you are not certified yet he will get you certified and learn you to fly solo in most flying sites in the world.

Let us introduce our Team

gurupreetGurpreet Dhindsa (Age-48 years)

For starters Gurpreet is one of the most active competition pilots in the Indian Paragliding scenario. He has been at the Top of paragliding circuit in India for some years now. He has been flying for past 20 years and competing for more than 10 years in most major international paragliding competitions worldwide. He has earned acclaim and respect amongst the international paragliding community with his theoretical knowledge and flying experience. Over the years he has won podium finishes at different competitions in Europe and India. He is a BHPA certified paragliding instructor in India. probably only instructor in country certified from an accredited paragliding body of international repute.
sharanyaSharanya Narayanan (Age-29Years)1998 – 2003 : I trained in Rope Gymnastics for 5 years and was introduced to ‘Rope Mallakhamb’ – a traditional rural sport involving the practice of Yoga Asanas from a suspended rope – This is where my yoga asana training began, for the purpose of developing the strength and flexibility to perform at the School, District and State level competitions across Maharashtra and India. 2008 – 2009 : After my undergrad course (BA in Pol. Sc), I moved from Bombay to Bangalore city to earn my Diploma in Dance and Martial Arts from The Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts. I graduated with an Honours degree in Indian Classical Dance (Bharatnatyam), Western Classical Dance (Ballet), Indian Martial Arts from Kerala (Kalaripayattu), Contemporary Dance, Pilates and Yoga. This course took me through the yoga asana practice in a deeper way and I grew more fascinated with the human body and what it can become. The program also enhanced my abilities as a performer and created a new understanding of working as one. 2007 – 2016 : It was in 2007 with the Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company that i performed for the first time as an Aerial Rope and Hoop/Lyra artist. This was also the year we performed at the 4th of July Independence Day celebrations for the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. Since then I travelled with the company to perform at numerous shows, both within India as well as abroad (Jakarta and Bahrain). 2009 – 2012 : Worked as a teacher of Yoga and Pilates at a studio in Goa called Sushumna. This is where my journey as a teacher began. 2012 – 2014 : In 2012 i met my Yoga Guru and friend, Neerav Gandhi in Bombay, under whom I practiced the Iyengar system of asana practice nearly two and a half years . With his guidance I studied asana both practically as well as theoretically. During this period I was working one-on-one with patients of Diabetes and Cancer. My own research of the subject, daily Yoga practice with Neerav and the close interactions with people diagnosed with such illnesses brought everything into an alignment. I knew then that I was going to be a yoga practitioner and teacher for life. 2013 : My first Bollywood experience – I trained the actress Katrina Kaif for 1 week in the Aerial hoop/lyra – this was for a Circus-themed song-sequence in the movie Dhoom 3. I was featured on a youtube yoga channel called ‘ I Me and Yoga’ – on this channel are several videos of my practice with a description about the asanas performed. 2014 – 2016 : I moved to Bangalore city for 2 years where I taught yoga at LshVa, a performance Arts company that provide courses to professional dancers, martial artists, stage actors, yoga practioners etc. I worked directly with the LshVa companys Classical Indian dancers on developing their strength and flexibility.2015 : During this year I regularly attended the classes of Senior Iyengar Yoga Guru Sri H.S.Arun (Iyengar Yogashraya) in Bangalore. I also worked during this time as a professional dancer for an Indian Contemporary Dance Company, Nritarutya, travelling across India and abroad (Germany) for performances. Teaching and Performing Yoga Abroad: 2014 & 2015 : In July 2014 I taught a 1 week Yoga workshop in Barcelona, Spain. Later that year in Novemeber I lived in and taught Yoga in Istanbul for 1 month. Again in 2015 I got invited to both these countries – taught for 1 month in Barcelona and 1 week in Spain. In September last year I also got invited to Cyprus to teach a workshop for a teacher training program.2015 : With Nritarutya, I performed at the Hannover Messe 2015 in Germany – The opening ceremony for the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European Dignatories. At this event I performed a Yoga sequence as well as 2 Dance sequences. I also worked on a school childrens production, Pippin the Tony award winning musical from Broadway. My role was to train 7 students in aerial acrobatics and choreograph 2 sequences for 2 songs in the production. It was a wonderful experience to find myself in the teaching role, with children who were as old as I was when I first discovered my body through Gymnastics! The show ran for 3 days, 2 shows per day.2016 : This year I moved to Goa, India where I am teaching Yoga at an Eco-Retreat space called Yogamagic. I teach a 90 minute early morning Hatha Yoga class and a 90 minute evening Restorative Yoga class. Since I lived here before I feel very much at home in Goa. Here I get to wake up to everything I love!


Tour Details

We will pick you up at Kangra Airport and bring you to Taragarh Palace hotel. There you will have some rest. In the evening we will have introductions with evening drinks (non-alcoholic, see additional information) and diner.taragarh-palace-hotel-0a
In the morning we will have round 7 o’clock our first yoga session followed by a breakfast After breakfast we drive to Bir to go to the Landing Site and meet the instructors. After having lunch at Bir we will return to our hotel where you have free time for yourself. In the evening we will have drinks and dinner in the hotel. yoga-poses
During another 7 days we will start with yoga sessions before breakfast. The other days you can sleep somewhat longer if you want and have only breakfast. Those days where we have paragliding. On day 3 the Paragliding course begins. Keep in mind that the weather conditions must be good! During 3 days you will learn Ground Handling, then you will get 3 days on a small hill and learn solo flying from a small height. Last 4 days you will take of in Bir and at the end do tests for certification. Back in Taragarh we will have our diners in Taragarh Palace hotel. Some evenings music and drinks will be arranged. During free time there are options for riding bike or visit the monastery in Dharamsala.kangra-valley-dharamsala-himachal-pradesh
After enjoying your last breakfast in Taragarh Palace hotel we will bring you to Kangra Airport from where you can start your trip back home or continue to another destination.

Tour Period:

15th – 28th October,2017
29th October – 11th November,2017
12th – 25th November,2017

Minimum Group Size: 6 Persons

 Additional information:

Due to weather conditions the Paragliding sessions can be cancelled. We will do all what is possible to have 10 flying days done during the 14 days of your stay. If impossible Layobi will not be responsible and no money will be returned to compensate. During days with bad weather conditions we will try to arrange other activities like bicycle riding. Alcohol cannot be served in public places by law.


  • Hotel with breakfast and dinner including drinks as mentioned above.
  • 8 yoga sessions.
  • 10 flying days as described in the program.
  • Transfer from and to airport.
  • Transport from and to Bir.
  • Transport from and to Billing.
  • Day trip to Dharamsala, visit monastery, café and bar and shopping.
  • Flights/transport to and from Kangra airport
  • Drinks not mentioned above.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Obligatory Insurance for Paragaliding (Can be offered, please contact us)
  • Any other insurances.
  • Any other items not mentioned specifically in the section "included"

Tour Cost:

 Min.PersonsPrice Per Person
6 Persons€ 2950,-

Cancellation Policy:

Standard Layobi Cancellation policy is not applicable. For more information please Contact Us.

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